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In 2003, Geoff Thomas, the ex-England and Crystal Palace footballer was diagnosed with leukaemia. A bone marrow transplant saved his life. Other blood cancer sufferers aren೯ lucky. That෨ere the Geoff Thomas Foundation is trying to help.

Geoff is an inspiration across sport, charity, and cancer survival. In 2005 Geoff got on his bike and cycled the 3,500km of the Tour de France route. He was recognised for his charity work with the BBC Sports Personality Helen Rollason Award. Raising money for the Geoff Thomas Foundation will motivate Vin on the toughest days of the Great Bike Ride. Please click the link and give generously, thankyou.

Help the GreatBikeRide Succeed

Due to the financial crisis, the ride's biggest sponsor had to withdraw before the deal was signed. Vin now needs your help to make his savings go further around the world. Please help by donating to his funds through PayPal.

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