Global Bicycle Race

The longest, toughest, most dramatic adventure competition ever.

Since setting the Guinness World Record for the fastest circumnavigation by bicycle,
Vin Cox has received many enquiries about a cycle race around the world. He’s now committed to organising it.

The Global Bicycle Race will require riders to:

Participants will be free to:

The race will provide:

The finish:

Entry fee:

The entry fee will be relatively low. It can’t be stated yet as costs haven’t been found for race insurance or for other services to the participants, but these are the only costs the entry fee will cover. The race organisation will be funded by sponsors.
Using an idea borrowed from global yacht racing, the race will hold a bond from each rider, returned only on completion of the race. This achieves two things which are in the interest of the riders and the race as a whole:

  1. It encourages riders not to give up if they lose the chance of winning. They will keep going to complete the event and collect their bond, so the race will have more finishers.
  2. Having the bond returned at the end will give participants a financial cushion for their return to normal life.

Yacht racing bonds are huge, but for the Global Bicycle Race £1000 British pounds is more appropriate. (The cost of cycling around the world depends on the countries visited, time taken, and types of accommodation used. Vin Cox spent around £20,000.)