Global Bicycle Race

The longest, toughest, most dramatic adventure competition ever.

Since setting the Guinness World Record for the fastest circumnavigation by bicycle,
Vin Cox has received many enquiries about a cycle race around the world. He’s now committed to organising it.

This table details the events and conditions which cost time on the road during Vin Cox’s world record ride (and therefore the scope for improvement):

CountryTime lostHow?Avoidable?
France ½ day Not riding straight to the ferry terminal to stop the clock. Stayed overnight 24mi away. Y
Tunisia 1 day Sandstorms and headwinds. Also some lack of food. N
Libya 3 days Dysentery, stopped for two days, low mileage two more days. Y – possibly.
Egypt ½ day Mechanical problems from the sandstorms. N
Jordan ½ day Waiting for a parcel at a hotel (it didn’t arrive) Y
India ½ day Jetlag N
India 1 ½ days Dysentery Y – possibly.
India 1 day Repeatedly detoured onto minor roads which were much slower than the highways. Y
Thailand ¾ day Stopped to see friends Y
Indonesia Sumatra 2 days It’s not a fast place to ride, and the roads were earthquake damaged. Avoid Sumatra on a record ride! (it is beautiful though) Y
Indonesia Java ½ day Detained by police after argument with a bus. Y
Australia 5 days Bad route choice got me strong headwinds for 26 ½ days! Y
New Zealand South Island 1 day Day off with friends Y
New Zealand North Island ½ day Storms and headwinds - very unlucky to be caught by them. Y – with luck.
USA California 1 day Some jetlag, some dawdling and unmotivated riding. Y – Maybe half of that.
USA Nevada ½ day Messed up by doing 17 hour day into strong wind at 43C heat. Took several slow days to recover. Y – take it easy when you have to!
USA Mountains ½ day Cold and altitude N
USA East ½ day Didn’t claim the time (overnight) waiting for ferry across Ohio river. Y
Spain 1 day Lack of food and tiredness slowed me for 3 days. Y
France ½ day Could have stopped the clock for the ferry to Royan in the evening and then gone over in the morning. Y
England ½ day Paused to arrive at finish at a nice time and able to think straight. Y

The total of avoidable time loss is about 20days! So with more skill and luck, but no more effort, the record could come well below 150 days, and sub 140 days is possible for a slightly stronger rider.