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About Vin Cox

Those are the facts, but Vin likes the idea that we are defined by what we do. So here is what Vin's done; how he became who he is:

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Preparation results

As well as long rides for endurance training and equipment testing, Vin will be doing shorter distance racing to monitor fitness in the run-up to the attempt.

Cyclo-cross 2009:

Long training rides:

Endurance racing 2009:

Cyclo-cross 2008:

The Record

Guinness set the criteria for all sorts of circumnavigation records long ago. Cyclists were slow to take up Guinness' challenge, instead tending to simply ride for it's own sake.

Eventually Steve Strange established the record as 276 days in 2004.

Inspired by the challenge, Mark Beaumont treated it as a race and pushed hard to improve the record by two and a half months! His 2008 record was 195 days (95 miles per day).

James Bowthorpe finished his ride in September 2009. Bringing the time down to 175days (daily mileage 103).

Ultimately the record could come down much further, particularly as there are no rules preventing support. In the future, someone could have a support team and vehicles drive behind them all the way with spares, luggage, food, encouragement and logistical help always on hand.

Vin will attempt the record in the adventurous style of those who've gone before him. He'll usually be alone, carry his own baggage, frequently camp at the road-side, and he'll rely on himself and the kindness of strangers to solve problems.