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The Planned Route

There is not a set route for circumnavigation record attempts, but there are rules. The rules are a framework for adventure. They specify some criteria for the route, above all; starting and finishing in the same place, travelling at least 18,000 mi and not back-tracking.

My route is special. Not only do I plan to break the record, I want to have a proper adventure. I want to be the first record holder who's visited Africa and South America on the journey; in fact the only continent I'll not visit is Antarctica (because it's got no roads and is a bit cold).

Due to my adventurous route I should have the broadest experience of culture, climate, and all the things which make life both difficult and exciting.

The following route is estimated at 18172 miles - but really it's likely to be more due to twists in the roads. If I have to cut a section out for some reason I might have to do extra in North or South America, but if I've done plenty of distance as I approach the final weeks then I could short-cut from northern Spain back to Britain via a ferry.

So here's the plan (click this link)

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Daily Maps

For every completed day of the circumnavigation a route profile is uploaded onto the site. This details all of Vin's GPS hits for the day and gives an average speed over the course. If you register with the site you can download more detailed information which can be loaded into the likes of GoogleEarth (and there are some nice websites out there that allow you to upload GPX data and get an altitude profile of the route too!). Click here for the daily routes.

Track me on GPS - Live!

Vin is travelling with a Spot Tracker device which will transmit a GPS co-ordinate evey 10 minutes (should it have a good fix). This means that every day you can watch Vin as he progresses towards his target and see in real time what route he is taking. To track Vin click this link.