Global Bicycle Race

The longest, toughest, most dramatic adventure competition ever.

Since setting the Guinness World Record for the fastest circumnavigation by bicycle,
Vin Cox has received many enquiries about a cycle race around the world. Hes now committed to organising it.

Some possible/suggested route the riders may take:

Riders have to keep heading the same general direction for 18,000 miles (29,000km), so their first choice is east or west around the world. East is usually favoured for good winds, but west could be an interesting roll of the dice and a way to quickly transfer to warm weather.

Several possible routes will be available on this page shortly, but as a first example here's an improved version of Vin Cox's route (we've swapped out the places which in hindsight were not ideal for speed):
View Improved version of Vin's route in a larger map

Here's a westerly route designed to chase the good weather:
View Westerly circumnavigation in a larger map

Still to come: