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The GreatBikeRide

News from the road:

Day 117 - A rapid descent:

Day 115 - Surrounded by sage:

Day 115 - Out of the mountains:

Day 115 - Sonora Pass, America:

Day 114 - A long, long climb:

Day 112 - A short first day:

Day 112 - San Francisco, United States:

Day 110 - Heading to the airport:

Day 110 - A long day:

Day 109 - High and cold:

Day 107 - New Zealand:

Day 105 - Heading out on the road:

Day 106 - Heading to the ferry:

Day 103 - New Zealand:

Day 99 - Out of the rain:

Day 99 - Bad weather:

Day 99 - A dreary day, Australia:

Day 99 - Queensland, Australia:

Day 9 - 1000 miles, Tunisia:

Day 9 - Away from Monastir, Tunisia:

Day 9 - Monty Python in Tunisia :

Day 9 - Around the world in Tunisia:

Day 9 - The road to Monastir:

Day 8 - Tunisia's Police:

Day 7 - Near to Marseille, France:

Day 7 - In France:

Day 99 - A novel mailbox solution:

Day 97 - I'm Vin Cox and this is my casue!:

Day 95 - Looking for Koalas:

Day 92 - An early start:

Day 90 - White Mountains National Park:

Day 89 - Halfway around the world!:

Day 89 - Waltzing Matilda continued:

Day 88 - Waltzing Matilda:

Day 87 - Headwinds and cows!:

Day 87 - Walkabout Creek Hotel:

Day 85 -Sunset:

Day 85 - Entering Queensland:

Day 85 - On the road:

Day 82 - Still on the Stuart Highway:

Day 81 - The Outback:

Day 78 - The Stuart Highway:

Early morning in Darwin:

An early start in Australia:

Stopped by the Police in Java - Java:

On the hot road across Java - Java:

Early morning views from Bukittinggi - Sumatra:

Sheltering from the rain - Sumatra:

Sumatra seems a bit hilly... - Sumatra:

The start of Sumatra - Sumatra:

A lack of road - Sumatra:

The Budha - Thailand:

On the road and having fun - Thailand:

Breakfast on the road:

Pineapples and palms:

A message from Mark Beaumont:

A few thoughts about the record:

A message from James Bowthorpe:

A message from Andrew and Friedel:

A message from Henrick Risager:

A message from Alastair Humphries:

A message from Stephen Lord:

Following the locals:

The first day in India:

Camping out in Egypt:

Riding through Libya:

Camels in Tunisia:

Early start and snow:

Ice problems:

Dover at last:

French protests:

A nice chilled drink:

On the road towards Dijon:

The end of a long day:

On the move with a good tailwind:

Vin takes a moment at one of the many cemeteries in France:

Vin's trip through France in the summer with David and Stu:

Vin's trip through France in the summer with David and Stu:

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